Post 7916 Honors All Vietnam Veterans

As a Partner of the U.S. National Vietnam War Commemoration, on April 4 in the Post Community we honored Marvin Coon, U.S. Army;  Major David G. Cotts, U.S. Army; Wayne Dearie, Master Chief Boiler Technician U.S. Navy, Colonel Eugene Detrick, USAF; Harold “Ralph” Holecek, Boiler Technician Second Class U.S. Navy; Ronald Janicki, U.S. Army; LTC Mark H. Magnussen, U.S. Army; PFC John C. Prosch, Jr., U.S. Army; Captain Walter Schatz, U.S. Army; Captain Howard J.T. Steers, U.S. Army; Kenneth J. Strafer, U.S. Army; Gordon Tassi, U.S. Army and their families for their Vietnam service and sacrifice.

We do not celebrate the Vietnam War. We commemorate and historically recognize it for there is no glory in war, only suffering.

Back Row: L to R: Gordon Tassi,  Mark Magnussen, Harold Holecek, Wayne Dearie, David Cotts, Marvin Coon. Front Row: L to R: Walter Schatz, Ronald Janicki, John Prosch, Howard Steers, Ken Strafer, Eugene Deatrick, Post Commander Chuck Wilson.

Tuesday night, we did however celebrate these humble, patriotic and selfless men, and remember our over 58,000 brothers and sisters who made the ultimate sacrifice for their Nation in Vietnam, changing our country for the better…all Vietnam Veterans, and families.



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